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Promoting youth talent at a higher level!


Charisse Parham-Kitover, who is a songwriter/composer and pianist for many years has been the executive director of  a non-for-profit educational business  for kids since 1998. She has produced two tv shows since 2011. Her goal is to make “Chicago Kids Got Talent” a TV series for the public to see extremely talented youth in Chicago.  “Chicago Kids Got Talent” helps youth feel like they have a goal in life. By performing on tv gives youth a way of expressing themselves in a positive manner. There is so much talent in Chicago and having the young people take charge shows leadership. When the young people actually see themselves on TV this increases their self-esteem.

“Set your target and keep trying until you reach it.”

Napoleon Hill


Kids take charge!!

“ I’d never thought that there would come a day that I would be a star” ,


Parents Love it!!

* My child was so excited to see himself on TV”  , says Jordyn’s mom.